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I guess that you are visiting my site for a reason and that perhaps you are thinking that counselling may be beneficial for you at this time.. If this is the case then perhaps what follows might be helpful to you.

Counselling is the art of human relationship and understanding. Although predominantly a ‘talking therapy’, it can also draw upon a range of resources and creative techniques to encourage free expression and empower an individual in their life circumstances. It provides a regular place of safety where a person can be who they are and explore any issues of concern they may have. It is accessed by people from all walks of life with many different experiences and it recognises and celebrates uniqueness with no judgement or bias. Counselling can and does help people live more personally satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Alternatively you may be a counsellor / psychotherapist visiting my site looking for a supervisor. If this is the case, then please go to About Me and What I Offer where you will find relevant details relating to this.

About Counselling

People, from all walks of life come to counselling for many different reasons. You might be experiencing a life crisis or perhaps a change in personal or professional circumstances, which might be difficult or distressing in nature. You might be struggling with difficult or unexplained emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, hopelessness or loneliness and are finding that this is impairing your capacity to enjoy life.  You might be unsure of what it is you are looking for and just feel unfulfilled in some way and would like to have a better understanding of yourself to help you move forward in your life in a more satisfying way.


Some Areas Counselling Can Help

  • Depression
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Life transitions
  • Childhood issues
  • Self Injury
  • Abuse
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Work based issues

Rest assured, that whatever your reasons are for seeking counselling they will be heard, respected and valued. Sometimes it just helps to talk to and share with somebody outside of your situation some of the often very painful debris that life throws our way.  Having support and understanding can often help us reassess where we are in life and make any choices that we feel we might need to make to change it for the better.

About Me

Tracy Busbridge - BACP Accredited and Registered Counsellor


I am an Integrative Registered BACP Accredited Counsellor and adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  I have 20 years counselling experience working with adults and couples in a variety of settings.

I have worked as a counsellor for a work based counselling service for employees (Hampshire County Council); a generalist adult counselling service (Basingstoke Counselling Service); and am currently in private practice.

I have also been involved in training for many years and have taught counselling and psychotherapy at The University of Southampton and at Basingstoke Counselling Service.

My Main Counselling Qualifications

  • BA First Class Hons in Integrative Counselling
  • Post Graduate Certificate in CBT
  • WPF Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling

I also have many other qualifications that I have gained in further counselling training through continued professional development which is a requirement of the profession.


I work as a supervisor for individuals and groups. I have a certificate in clinical supervision (BACP Endorsed) through Southampton Counselling. I am currently a group supervisor for two counselling agencies and individually supervise counsellors and psychotherapists working with both adults and couples.

What I Offer

Inside the Therapy Room
Therapy Room Garden


Individuals and Couples

I offer a confidential service (within the limits of the law) and work with adults and couples on both a short-term and open-ended basis.

If you decide that you would like to come then we would make an appointment for an initial consultation session so we can meet each other. I can then find out a bit about you and what has bought you to counselling and also what you would like to gain from counselling. Together we can then decide on the best way forward from there.


I offer individual supervision on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on client caseload).

My Pricing


Sessions usually take place weekly and are 60 minutes in duration for which I charge a fee of £50 (individuals) £70 (couples).*

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation session of £50 (Individuals) £70 (couples).*

If you would like to contact me for a consultation then please feel free to do so. I would be very pleased to hear from you.

*Concessions are available in some circumstances.


I charge a fee of £60 for a 60-minute supervision session.

What’s the Difference

Between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

There has been much deliberation in the counselling and psychotherapy profession as to the difference between the two but to date, no clear definable difference has been identified. It might be said that psychotherapy tends to take place over a longer period of time and can be more frequent than once weekly however, many counselling practitioners will also work in this way.

This, of course, doesn’t help to make it any clearer so with this in mind, it might be helpful to remember that it is believed to be the relationship between you and the therapist which is the most important factor in the process of therapy and change as opposed to the actual discipline itself.

Either discipline will endeavour to offer you a valuable therapeutic experience, which might make the difference to your life that perhaps you are looking for.

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